Creating original content is not only the easiest, but it’s also the most cost effective way to market your medical practice online.

By creating organic content that is optimized for keywords and phrases, you can improve your organic search rankings, and increase your chances of getting found through search.

Here are 3 strategies that you can start doing today:


Starting a blog is the first step to any content marketing strategy. Blogging allows you to consistently add new content to your site that will attract potential patients that are searching for help and information.

You should be blogging at least once a week, so build a content calendar that will help organize your topics and posting dates.

Think of what information you patients need or would be interested in. If you’re a doctor’s office, have a weekly “Doctor’s note” offering news, tips and information.

Social media

It seems like everyone uses social media these days, but how can you use that in marketing your medical practice?

Give patients a reason to engage! Think about it, why would you want to follow your doctor’s office or your dentist of Facebook? Do they share great tips, patient success stories, involvement in community events?

Whatever it is, you need to post consistently and remember why people follow you in the first place, they want to engage.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a great way to share content from your blog and stay more connected with your patients.

Send flu shot reminders or dental cleaning reminders, rather than sending junk mail or calling. You can send personalized messages for birthdays or follow up after a procedure.

Staying connected with patients over email is more convenient for them, allows you to send reminders and share helpful information.

For Best Results

These 3 strategies are proven to help increase traffic to your website, improve awareness for your practice and provide helpful information for patients.

For the best results, you should employ all three of these strategies at once. Just make sure to keep your patients in mind and provide them with content that is valuable to them.

If you are blogging consistently and sharing your content with an engaged audience, you are going to see results!




426 thoughts on “3 Strategies to marketing your medical practice online

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