7 SEO KPIs to Improve Search Ranking

One of the easiest ways to improve your search ranking is an effective search engine optimization strategy. SEO is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to drive qualified and engaged traffic to your website. Most marketers know that.

What many marketers don’t know is how to measure the effectiveness of their SEO strategy. There are many ways to determine if your strategy is helping drive your key business goals forward, and it depends on what you are looking to achieve.

No matter what your goals, it’s important to identify specific SEO KPIs to improve your search rankings and properly measure success. So what are the important metrics to measure? Here are 7 SEO KPIs to improve your search rankings:

1. Organic search traffic

  • Measure the amount of traffic to your website from organic search results
  • Compare week to week data for a short term snapshot of performance
  • Month to month data is useful when you want to see the longer-term effects while year to year date evaluates long-term trends

1. Target keyword rankings

  • Identify 10-15 target keywords that will drive the highest volume of visitors to your website
  • Monitor long tail keywords with low competition to target highly specific search terms
  • Make sure that you are ranking number 1 for branded keywords and product terms

3. Visitor engagement metrics

  • Bounce rate – the percentage of visitors to a page who leave after only visiting that page
  • Pages per session – the average number of pages viewed during a session, indicating that the content is relevant and engaging
  • Average session duration – the length of visitors’ sessions, longer sessions indicate that users are more engaged.

4. Organic click through rate (CTR)

  • CTR is the number of clicks a search result receives, divided by the number of times it’s viewed
  • Organic CTR helps determine how valuable each rank position is to your website
  • A higher CTR indicate that more visitors will stay on your site and eventually convert

5. Backlinks to your site

  • A backlink is when one website gets a link from another website
  • Backlinks to your website make a big impact on your organic search rankings
  • Monitor the % increase in referral traffic and the % increase in referral conversions

6. Average page load time

7. Sales or lead conversions

  • Set up goals in google analytics for as many types of lead conversions as possible
  • Last interaction conversions – credits the final touchpoints that immediately precedes a sale or conversion
  • Assisted conversions – interactions leading up to a conversion, but not the final interaction


Learn how SEO can help your business

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