How to write a great marketing email

Writing a great marketing email can be difficult. Email marketing is an effective way to target customers with special offers and promotions. And, it can also be used with lead nurturing campaigns designed to convert prospects into new customers.

No matter how fancy your emails look, subscribers will stop opening and start unsubscribing without well-written content. A straightforward, well-written email can perform just as well as an email with lots of bells and whistles.

So, how do you write a great marketing email? Here are best practices to help enhance your marketing emails.

Sender Address

The sender address can be an overlook aspect of email marketing, but many forget that that the Sender Address is one of the first things that their readers are going to see. Optimizing the sender name, and using that name consistently will build a sense of trust in that name and allow readers to recognize your emails more easily going forward.

  • Email marketing should be personalized so send your emails from an actual person
  • Use a friendly tone and that reinforces the idea that the email is coming from a real human
  • Test different sender names in your emails to see which works best

Subject Line

You need to grab the reader’s attention because your subject line is what your email recipients will see before they open your email. Create concise subject lines that grab the reader’s attention and encourages them to engage with your email.

  • Use actionable language and make sure its catchy
  • Personalize whenever possible
  • Align the subject line with the content of your email


The preheader text of an email is the short preview that appears in the recipients inbox. When done right, this is a great way to grab the reader’s attention and get them to open your email. For an effective subject line and preheader combo, think about the main idea is and what the call to action is. Your preheader should offer some additional detail to support the subject line.

  • Focus the key content in the first half of the preheader
  • Take advantage of all the characters available
  • Don’t repeat what you already said in the subject line

Header Image

Once the recipient has opened your email, the best way to keep their attention and get them to click is with a compelling image that helps communicate what the email is all about. Whether it’s bold or subtle, the header is where you announce yourself to the reader and where you introduce a visual identity.

  • Make your images relevant
  • Don’t put too many words or complex images
  • Choose an image that is visually compelling to help you draw the reader’s attention

Email Body

It’s important to get your language, tone, and layout right in order to increase the likelihood that your readers will click through to take advantage of your offer. The body is where the magic should happen, taking the reader from initial interest to reading and calls-to-action.

  • Make sure that your body copy conveys what your offer is and why it’s valuable
  • Use brief, compelling  and interesting language
  • Use short paragraphs and bullet points to break up the text visually


A call-to-action is what is used to entice and persuade your readers to take that action. Well-designed calls to action can dramatically increase a site’s rate of conversion to its goal. Your call-to-action is arguably the most important component of your emails, because the ultimate goal of your email is to get your readers to click on it and take an action.

  • Write your CTA button in first person
  • Use a strong command verb to start your CTA
  • Give the audience a reason why they should take the desired action


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