On-Page SEO Explained

On-page SEO is an aspect of search engine optimization that focuses on optimizing your individual site pages in order to rank higher and earn more traffic from search engines. The term “on-page” refers to the content on your website pages and the underlying code that can be optimized.

In addition to consistently adding new content to your site, make sure that all URLs, tag titles, headings and alt text are optimized for relevant keywords.

General Optimizations

  • Create SEO-friendly URLs and headers that clearly indicate to search engines what content is on the page
  • Optimize the crawlability of your website and create sitemaps with a hierarchical structure
  • Consistently add new, relevant and engaging content to your website and share it on social media

Optimize Meta Data

  • Use target keywords in the source code, title tags, meta descriptions, alt text and website content
  • Pay attention to alt image text – image search is an often overlooks way to drive traffic to your site

Create content that drives traffic

  • Research why people are visiting your site and create content that is unique and interesting
  • All site pages and content should be optimized for long-tail and short-tail keywords
  • Ensure that site content is easy to consume and shareable on social media

Focus on the user experience

  • Optimize your user interface with a modern site design and make it easy for visitors to navigate
  • Use a responsive website design to optimize the experience for mobile devices
  • Monitor your site speed and make sure that pages are loading correctly

On-page SEO is only one aspect of search engine optimization, which also focuses on off-page optimizations and technical SEO. Follow these steps and begin to improve the performance of your website pages in search engine results.



409 thoughts on “On-Page SEO Explained

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