Social media is changing how CPG brands compete online, blurring the lines between traditional marketing and emerging digital marketing trends.

Changing consumer habits are forcing brands to rethink their outdated marketing strategies, giving companies an opportunity to adapt to changing digital trends.

See how social media is changing the way that CPG brands compete for business.

Competing for share of shelf

To promote awareness for you brand and to drive sales at the shelf, customer marketing is an effective way to communicate your brand value to retailers aside from price.

Driving demand from shoppers will increase the need for retailers to carry your brand, and promotions are a great way to drive demand at specific retailers and get shoppers to engage with your brand online.

Many retail customers run their own digital promotions that you should consider participating in. Not only will you get exposure online, but you will also gain favor by supporting your customer’s internal marketing initiatives.

Competing for share of cart

Relying heavily on category insights, shopper marketing strives to understand what triggers shoppers to make a purchase and what companies can do to motivate shoppers with promotions and in-store marketing activations.

Changing habits are impacting the effectiveness of traditional marketing, so in order to compete, creating a connection with shoppers is more important than ever.

Connecting with your audience on social media creates loyalty and trust that makes it easier to promote your products and respond to customer feedback.

Competing for share of stomach

Consumer marketing focuses on the person who ultimately consumes the product, and in many cases the consumer and shopper are the same person.

This is the marketing that gets you on the grocery list and brands should look to make the strongest emotional connection with this audience.

Millenials will soon be the largest demographic and creating brand loyalty with the younger generation will have have an lasting impact on your brand for years to come.



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