Technical SEO Explained

Technical SEO refers to any SEO work that is done, aside from content on the website. Technical SEO is about laying a strong foundation to give your content the best chance to rank for relevant keywords and phrases.

Some optimizations can be done with little coding background, while other advanced optimizations may require more experience with programming languages like HTML and JavaScript.

URL Optimization

  • Determine which keywords will drive the most engaged traffic to your page then create URLs that clearly describe the content on page.
  • Create a breadcrumb URL structure for better search indexing. Breadcrumbs also show visitors how they navigated to a page, allowing better engagement.

Website Indexing

  • Create an HTML sitemap for better user navigation and crawling for search engines
  • Check usage of meta robots tags, telling search engines what to follow and what not to follow
  • Audit for broken 404 links, when users can communicate with a server, but the server can not find the request
  • Optimize 301/302/307 redirects when forwarding one URL to another
  • Have Google crawl and index your pages, indexing is the process of adding webpages into Google search

Code Optimization

  • Make sure your site speed is performing well and your pages are loading quickly
  • Pay attention to JavaScript and flash menus that might not accurately crawl as HTML text menus, causing difficulties for Google to find your content.
  • Become familiar with ViewState on platforms and optimize site performance
  • Use HTML frames to divide your browser window into multiple sections where each section can load a separate HTML document
  • Comply with W3C validated CSS and HTML to ensure the validity of website documents
  • Use rich snippets to help search engines better understand what information is on each web page

Website Tracking

  • Setup Ecommerce tracking in Google Analytics to correlate sales data with website usage data
  • Set Goals in Google Analytics to focus on your highest value conversions
  • Track internal and external promotions to constantly research and improve
  • Use Event tracking to track downloads, ad clicks, Flash elements, embedded elements and video plays
  • Monitor links shared on social media to be able to attribute website traffic to a specific link

Technical SEO is only one aspect of search engine optimization, which also focuses on on-page and off-page optimizations. Follow these steps and begin to improve the performance of your website pages in search engine results.




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