Email Marketing

Drive engagement with Email marketing

Its time to get the conversation started. Talk to an experienced strategist and learn how you can transform your email marketing strategy, including.

  • Connecting with customers to build loyalty, trust and brand awareness
  • Segment your contact database and create targeted messaging
  • Create awareness and drive more traffic to your website
  • Alert customers about sales and other promotional offers
  • Share content, news, and information with your highly engaged audience




What are your goals

Use email to send newsletters and important product or service updates. Emails can be used to promote sales or special offers and used to re-engage customers who have been inactive.

Understand what you want to get out of your email marketing and determine what tactics you want to use and how you will measure your return on investment.

Segment your Contacts

It’s important to segment your contacts and customize your message on an individual level. Each customer segment should have a targeted message that will resonate with their needs and interests.

Monitor each list’s performance and tweak your message to drive the most engagement as you learn what your prospects and customers want.

Create customized templates

Create custom email templates that promote your branding across all communication, while having the ability to customize content based on the customer segment.

Creating templates to create a custom experience for the audience personas that you are targeting. A personalized message is proven to be more effective in converting emails to purchases.

Email Marketing Automation

Consider using marketing automation to create custom workflows for nurturing leads, A/B test your messaging, and better organize your contacts.

Using marketing automation will save time and their reporting tools will allow you to better understand the impact of each email that you send.

Building customer loyalty

Give customers and prospects a reason to receive your content. Highlight the benefits that they will receive by joining your newsletters or signing up for special offers.

Once people sign up, build loyalty by providing value-added content, customer stories and special offers not available to anyone else.


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